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All site News will be posted on Twitter and will automatically be displayed here. In addition, the daily China News -including the air pollution situation, heavy weather, freak incidents, etc- is reviewed. Noteworthy China and Asia News articles and links are shared. Naturally, DrBen frequently gives out his book suggestions, refers to his background articles, his and other maps according to the latest News Events and also lets you enjoy your China experience by sharing interesting Documentary video's, his photo's and then some.



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As for the basics of the Community and the website, you may be happy to find how DrBen already laid some foundations for everybody by blazing quite a few trails in China (P.R.C.) and a few other locations in Asia. Busy since the turn of the millenium and with 13 tours of China under his belt, DrBen spent the last years uploading and creating for you what is by now a full on geographic, historic and cultural guide to all North China, including the 5 thousand 500 mile length of the great Yellow River (Huang He) known as the cradle of Chinese civilization.

To start your discoveries and learn about China simply and easily navigate the website, either by province and city or through a detailed and layered Google supported Map by starting with your location of interest! You will never need a tour guide again.

To find all DrBen's work on China (so far) check the left hand Menu of this page for easy navigation to the web site (found on the web as but also a Chapter of

Direct Links lead away to the Chapters of the Site. Apart from chapters on each province and main cities in China, there is also a multitude of maps and histories helping to give suggestions for travel destinations and places to visit. Just to give you an idea: find a detailed guide and map to the Forbidden City in Beijing, Beijing City entire and also the Great Wall of China entire. In addition there are backgrounds on all 5 thousand 500 miles of the length of the great Yellow River (HuangHe) which originates in Eastern Tibet. Next up: all of the Silk Road in China. Look and browse while we work on to complete what is becoming the Memory Palace of China and Asia !

These are in order: China Report Blog, Twitter, DrBen Live TV (YouTube - under development), China Report on Google+ and as a last it offers a direct link to the China Travel Community on Facebook.

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Help build the China and Asia Memory Palace, facilitate the FREE education of the world, see travelers on their way across Asia, hear of- and discover new places you had not heard of before and yes ... ultimately contribute to World Peace through a better mutual understanding !


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Not a Maphack at all, but you are an A-Grade #Vlogger or you would love to be? Well, here is your chance to contribute to something one may see as the Great Memory Palace of Asia. Anyone with a passion for filming, adventure or a story to tell, be it history, culture, travel or anything else that matters to you : Film It and if we can pin a location to it we may very well include your work into our maps, articles and stories so that anyone in the world make take knowledge of it, and act, think and decide for themselves. Help us show all of Asia to the world, by shooting it film-clip by film-clip and location by location.

Lord knows, having all of the continent of Asia as a white canvas to paint with your stories and colors should give all of you plenty of fun things to do. Be part of it, contribute and forever travel in imagination and real life.

Are you a #Vlogger? Always welcome to send us a tweet and a link via twitter handle @asiareportcom and / or leave us a message via facebook on any community !

Are you a #Blogger? Oh dear, we are not quite ready to receive all your stories about travel locations across the continent, but yes ... we are working hard on our maps in order to reach that next level. While we work anyone is welcome to leave us a link to your article or blog - or share it with the friends via a facebook community. Please don't forget to give us a like first !

Asia – It's the The Great Vlog Off !!

Vlog away across the Asian Continent - become a digital world traveler, VIP and ...  Maybe even become part of Asian History and Heritage !

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Take Tips from Nadine “The Great“ and other experienced youtubers and travelers. Just stick around and learn.

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Why Travel all alone when in in modern times one may share the experience and the know-how with anyone interested around the world? The moments of solitude are over.

Although DrBen really loves to be a trailblazer for all of China, the truth is - of course - that China and certainly Asia is way to big for anyone person to go and see by themselves. That would take forever.

So, what would be the answer? While DrBen laid down the groundwork and will lay foundations for your Community of Asia Travelers, Writers, Vloggers, Bloggers and explorers, you, the world public may now join in and share your friendship, knowledge, articles and other contributions via various communities DrBen has opened for you on Facebook. All you have to is join and be active as a friend.

Be Part of the Adventure, the Stories and the Project ? Contribute knowledge, brainpower and more ...

Ready to more than just follow,listen,share and give likes and opinions ? Great, because there are plenty of new ways for you to become more involved and live your own adventure of exploration in Asia, whether it be from your home, office or arm-chair or actually by getting out onto the road and sharing your actual travel experiences.

What can you do? Are you a trailblazer or explorer yourself, or are you simply a #maphack who loves to sift through digital images and maps looking for intelligence others haven't been able to find, or ... simply have yet to put together because nobody takes the time?

If so, try joining in on developing more maps of Asia here at There are several crowd-sourced maps you can help develop, and/or you can create your own Google Map of your favorite area in any country in Asia?

Please check below examples of CrowdSourced Maps at and please browse the Asia Satellite Maps Index for an idea of which maps are available for participation and which are not.

Check out the Asia Satellite Maps Index

See which Google supported cloud based maps one may contribute to and in which way. We will be adding short instructions with already available map introductions.

South China Sea Map - Help DrBen out with crowdsourced information and video, while he expands the grid and refines map details for you and prepares everyone for their own FONOP mission(s).

Airport, Airline or Airplane geek? Contribute your knowledge, airplane or airport experience video, or heck - why not go for a #Vlog #Review of the place if and when you get stuck with hours to wait.

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Although this is just a basic Facebook Community Page for people to get together on in the easiest of ways, the Asia Travel Community on Facebook is also a great place to start when becoming more involved in the Social aspects and Community of DrBen and his You can be a traveler and even an explorer too !

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Described below on this page are several ways in which anyone can participate in the public (crowdsourced) exploration, discovery and travel adventure as we build the world a giant data-base, or better: a memory palace of China and Asia.

Sounds interesting? Be a part of it? Then better become a member of the Asia Travel Community and read on this page what is up- and available for adventure at this time.

Unable to leave the office, house or maybe even hospital bed? Wow, we feel for you in the circumstances so we made sure to include some "arm-chair" options through which you and anyone else can keep dreaming, traveling and exploring even when secluded to someplace. Yes you too can help, participate and even contribute! And even if you haven't the spirits at this time. Do stick around. Least you can do is enjoy some of the marvelous travel and nature video's we will pass on to you via our social media channels.